A TO Z Literary Principles from History of English Literature: Note 1

A Set of 26 Objective Questions & Answers
(a) William Langland belongs to 14th century.
(b) Renaissance as a movement in arts and letters is said to have started in Europe in1453.
(c) The year 1660 is associated with the restoration of the monarchy in England.
(d) The four wheels of the novel writing are Richardson, Fielding,Smollett and Sterne.
(e)  Matthew Arnold and Lord Tennyson are the great Victorian poets.
(f)  Absurd Drama is also called avante garde Drama.
(g) Extreme devotion to form and use of closed couplet in verse are the qualities of neo-classical poetry.
(h) French Revolution had immense impact on English Romantic poetry.
(i) William Caxton was the first English printer.
(j) Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot and The Rape of the Lock are two immortal works of Alexander Pope.
(k) Christopher Marlowe popularized the technique of blank verse.
(l) There are five cantos in The Rape of the lock.
(m) Renaissance touched Italy first, France second and England Third.
(n) Addison was an exponent of the periodical essay.
(o) Paradise lost consists of twelve books (Milton).
(p) Bacon’s essays are regarded as compendiums of worldly wisdom.
(q) Besides English, Bacon also wrote in Latin.
(r)  Bacon’s style is aphoristic.
(s) Sir Roger de Coverly was the chief figure at the spectator club.
(t) The Tender Husband and The Lying Lover by steel are plays.
(u) Pen name of Charles lamb is Elia.

(v) Charles lamb is called prince of English essay.
(w) Harrick told of Oliver Goldsmith that he wrote like an angel even though he talked like poll.
(x) Johnson’s dictionary was first published in 1755.
(y) Dryden is called father of English criticism.
(z) James Boswell wrote The life of Dr. Johnson.

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