Critical appreciation of Bertrand Russell's Free Thought and Official Propaganda :What does Russell mean by the word ‘Free Thought’ and how it is prejudice by the official Propaganda?

Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher, mathematician, Nobel laureate and logical analyzer in his critical lecture (DELIVERED AT SOUTH PLACE INSTITUTE ON MARCH 24, 1922), Free Thought  and Official Propaganda observes the nature of Free wills in the individuals and critically portraits the propaganda which curb the destined goal of it. In simple words, according to him reasoning and better civilized world is a performance of the Free Thinker, which time and again are put into control or checked by the orthodox Governmental measures.

            Free will is not absolute by free from scalability and acceptability. Free thought is a precise compulsion of introspection and it is not merely an external subjugation the elementary kind of freedom is to believe in the righteous argument and excepting the real syllogism. The freedom of thought is free from any prejudice of social mischief and misadventures. Russell in his essay confirms the will to doubt. Accord to him none of our beliefs are quiet true. All have at least a penumbra of Vagueness and error. We have to possess a scientific temper of mind to accept of greater realities, better options and various facts. Ours should be the expanding of mind, not at narrowing it. The new millennium should be devoid of dogmatic opinion and undesirable competition with much different opinion in religion, politics, social issues and many other fields.       

            The condition of rational doubt is desirable. The inherent irrationality and credulity of average human nature is the great enemy of this will to doubt. the seed of intellectual original sin which is nourished and fostered by the fancy’s life, government and the kind of people who are opportunist and murderer of wills. The badly affected three criterion of social issues are namely – education, propaganda and economic pressure.

Firstly, in the field of education a falsified nation cripples and bisects the rhythm of teaching. As a state sponsored educational system, there is unjustified self glorification of nation’s history, the boosting and vainglorious are the contempt of the national biographies. The whole machinery of the state, in all different countries is turned on making their children to believe in absurd proposition, as if a truthful account of right answers and nationalism. The education is such designed that averting the true knowledge it glorifies the falsified will of the masters which is impossible to preserve the common plague of democracy. Further the state which is a collection of official, different for different purposes always tries to increase the power of bureaucrats which kills the decree of doubt and progressive ideology.

            Secondly, the country where we living are full with propaganda. A wrong belief with evil interest or of absurd propositions or the kind of enthusiastic advertisement is the music of propaganda. Propaganda or equidistance of truth begets evil. Generally it appeals to irrational causes of belief rather than to serious argument and gives an unfair advantage for those who can obtain most publicity whether through wealth of through power. The unfair, unequal, unreasoning advertisement kills a sufficiently destruction of ‘Free Will’. Without being propagandist ours should be equality of opportunity in the field of real freedom of thought and it is only be received by fair too, better education and public opinion.

            Thirdly, another danger behind the struggled freedom of thought is surely the economic pressure. The world of propaganda and Governmental consideration on it differentiate people to people from its political cutlets, religious practices, moral acceptance and social upbringing. If such are the considering factors of judging a man or appointing him, is to be disregarded. The free competition must be a reality. The rapid industrialization and economic compulsion must be discarded; the world should be accepted on the principles of fair integument.

            Russell in his essay takes at universal point of view judging it fairly enough from the citizen of the world. He is accurate in his studies as the individual or the nation retreat his position if mischievously they are put into fetters by the falsified education, mischievously propaganda and economic pressures.      

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