The Place of English in the School Curriculum at the Present Set up in India

Place of English in School Curriculum in India  is  an important issue in modern utilitarian principles. English in India in 21st century is no more a colonial burden, but a real wings of hope and prosperity. Now let's bullet the points of importance.

  •  A Bridge to Higher Studies: English should continue to occupy an important place in the curriculum of secondary schools so that at the end of the secondary stage the pupils will attain good working knowledge of English. The pupil learn English efficiency at secondary level it will not be difficult to catch higher studies. 
  • Starting with ABC:  Many students discontinue studies after the secondary level and avail a job as means of livelihood if they learn English efficiently at the school level they will find it easy to secure a job foremost of the jobs or offices require peaking ability in English. So English occupies a good fortune in the school.
  • English as a Career: English helps to build up career. Many take higher studies of English, build their career as English teacher or English lecturer or, other numerous jobs where knowledge of English will be required at every step.
  • English at Help: At the secondary stage there are so many subjects in which there are enrichment by English. So for imploring extensive knowledge for these books it is the subject of English which will help them.
  • Visiting Foreign University: In future many students may go abroad for higher studies where with help of English, it will be positive for them to speak, to write and to learn. So at the secondary level the foundation of English knowledge should be sound so that at the foreign countries there will be no difficulty for studies in English. English will help them to maintain contact with the out side world.
  • A Help in National Integration: English also should be learnt for national integration. If English be learnt in sound way it will be easy for integration with the different people in the nation. As regard for the place of English in the secondary school curriculum, INDIAN EDUCATION COMMISSION (KOTHARI COMMISSION) (1964-66) recommends that at the secondary stage the student will study their languages. To non Hindi speaking ones these are (i) the mother language or the regional language. (ii) Hindi (iii) English. In Hindi speaking areas these will be (i) the mother tongue or the regional language (ii) English and (iii) a modern Indian language other than Hindi. The recommendation is justified and so in the opinion of the central advisory board of secondary education admits that a pupil should before completing his school education acquire knowledge of three language where by English occupy the place of 2nd language in the school curriculum.

  • Modernity: The subject of English which acquaints us with fundamental ideas of modern civilization or modern science and even growing knowledge of all the advanced countries of the world.
  • Flexibility, Economy and Simplicity:  Another advantage with the English is it is famous for flexibility in character, economy in experience and simplicity of its scripts. Again, English can give profound beauty of literature because it is rich in humanistic and scientific literature. So English will help us to understand the beauty of our literature. 
  • An Honourable Seat: English still enjoys an important position in office work and it is obvious that it will continue to enjoy this position for a considerable period. In fact, one most important practical aspect of English is that it is needed in Indian administration and courts in all the states. In spite of regional languages, English performs a great role in the administrative work at the states. Simply speaking, English helps us in most of the lands to get a job or employment where knowledge of English is indispensable so for drawing popularity of learning English has developed in our country.
  • A Practical Standpoint: It is also found that English serves a practical stand point in world business. In recording and making accounts of business the knowledge of English is mostly essential. We can say that English helps the people of India to gain adjustment in the other countries of the world. The inhabitants of India go abroad for higher studies and for other purpose. It is the knowledge of English that will help him to live with people of these countries.
  • English in Variegated-Language Platform: Even with in India the people of different states communicate under themselves through English When they find no line through regional languages. English thus serves a great role of national understanding and integration of India. Again our nation is variegated-language platform. To make an interconnection , as well as the country wide acceptance of the language, English is the only superior answer.
Conclusion: Taking everything on account it can be said that  learning English is the practical need of the hour when  globalization and economic flourish are making so many opportunities for the Indian youths. With the  aim of English Teaching the School Education will enable the pupils to learn English with comprehension and speak it correctly so as to make them understand and express simple ideas and give easy description in writing English language. According to Mudaliar Commission the pupil must read and speak each other, though English. The students should not be tied down to the prescribed books. If at the stage of foundation is done reading with comprehension, interest will carry the students in later life as far as he goes. And definitely it will serve the nation.

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