AD's English Literature : UGC NET syllabus : Subject : English

UGC NET syllabus : Subject : English

UGC National Eligibility Test 
English Syllabus

Subject : English 

The UGC-NET will be conducted in objective mode from June 2012 onwards. The Test will consist of three papers. All the three papers will consist of only objective type questions and will be held on the day of Examination in two separate sessions.

Session I

Paper I ( general compulsory objective paper)
Questions: 60 out of which 50 questions are to be attempted 
Marks: 50x2 = 100
Time: 1¼ Hours (09.30 a.m. to 10.45 a.m.)

Session II 

There will be two question papers, Paper – II and Paper – III 

Paper – II 

Note: It will cover 50 Objective Type Questions (Multiple choice, Matching type, True / False, Assertion – Reasoning type) carrying 100 marks.

Questions:  50 questions all of which are compulsory
Marks: 50x2 = 100
Time: 1¼ Hours (10.45 a.m. to 12.00 Noon.)

Questions Covers:

  1. Chaucer to Shakespeare
  2. Jacobean to Restoration Periods
  3. Augustan Age : 18th Century Literature
  4. Romantic Period
  5. Victorian Period
  6. Modern Period
  7. Contemporary Period
  8. American and other non – British Literatures
  9. Literary Theory and Criticism
  10. Rhetoric and Prosody
  11. Linguistics
  12. Comparative Literature


Paper – III
(The Commission decided that Paper-III be converted into objective type from the ensuing examination scheduled in June 2012. • Further, the Commission also recommended that the action may also be initiated for the development of question banks.
There should be 75 Objective Questions covering the history of English Literature and Critical Approaches. Link@ UGC)

Questions: 75 questions all of which are compulsory.

Marks: 75x2 = 150
Time: 2½ Hours (01.30 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.)

Questions Covers:
These objective tests, I think, are designed to assess current performance  in an academic area of a student. Your achievement is viewed as an indicator of previous learning; it will also be used to predict future academic success. A test administered in a UGC setting would typically include separate measures of Literature, language skills and reading comprehension, arithmetic literary data computation and problem solving, Linguistics, and social studies. In Such a case Electives are not so selective; rather whole literary circle is the syllabi, I think.

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Anonymous said...

I attempted Net last year in december. I came across questions based on the texts I haven't read. I m referring to paper 3. Can u suggest a few important texts (Novel) and if possible post the summary of a few texts.

Thank u for all ur help. Ur blog is indeed a very useful one.

Anonymous said...

i have been writing the net exam since 2005.can u suggest me the method of writing answers and a few important texts?

s.k.bansal said...

plz visit page no 11 of the following link .
now the paper 3 will be objective since june 2012 and qualifying %age for general category is increased to 50% from 45%.

Ardhendu De said...

thanks for the information.

amelia said...

is the decision final?

anshul.d said...

hi could you plz suggest good books for ugc preparation.

sukhendu said...


Trupti said...

hi can you suggest me how to prepare for net exam as paper pattern is objective subject english.

Kiran said...

I am Kiran
Can you please suggest me any book which covers UGC NET Paper - III (Objective)

Rinku Vishnoi said...

Dear Ardhendu please start a mock test series for paper 3rd in english literature

Aboobacker Cherussery said...

Sir your efforts are beyond our expectations. Being a teacher and NET aspirant, your blog is too valuable for me. Thank you..

Would like to request u to put more objective questions on Indian literature and American.

All the best.

khalid khan said...

hi plz suggest me how i get books for the preparation of net exam because i want to qualify it.thanks plz help me.

Anonymous said...

sir can u help can i start my prepration for net[english]? suggest some book's name for 2 n 3 paper.....or give me some more instraction.....i shall b highly obliged to u......

mostafizur said...

if you please help all the appearing candidate by preparing and model question papers on the 3rd papers. it will will help tremendously.
thanking you for your kind help.

Ardhendu De said...

Dear Mostafizur you can follow short questions in different assignments.


sir can u suggest me for doing preparation of net june 2012

Rajeev Sharma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajeev Sharma said...

Good morning Sir, IS here any idea regarding the answer keys of 24th June UGC-NET English papers, 2nd nd 3rd,,when these will be published on official Website of UGC,?

Ardhendu De said...

According to rule the question papers will be published later the exam result, and question paper publications strictly prohibited related to it.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
Can you please send the different types of poetry down the ages from Chaucer till recent times and the important forms prevalent in the times and the list of poets . The same if you can please do with all the genres. the exhaustive list will be very helpful .
thank you

bookwarm said...

good evening sir,
this is to ask you that if you
can guide me through all the material available
and how to prepare through .

Anonymous said...

has any one seen the passing criteria for ugc net2012june its 65% average of all three papers!!!and that may differ in dec2012 they have made it so difficult now. that,s no fair.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. I have been able to crack NET June 2012. I got 248/348(one question was not evaluated).

sumanika nagar said...

i just fell short of 1/2 marks in june 2012 UGC-NET. how can i increase my score for jrf?

Ardhendu De said...

dear sumanika, follow the logic and never avoid a least argument in genres , particularly criticism.

Jai said...

Hi Ardhendu,
Its good to see a kind of one-stop for all the literature and NET qualification seekers. I am reading and will be in touch.
Thank you for uploading loads of information. By the way, do you have any idea of any other blogs covering in a similar way?

Vinay Sonawane said...

hi..sir i lost 1 subject . but i want re-exam of all subjects of MA english . after passing all subjects through re-exam , am i eligible for net exam ?

Ardhendu De said...

Dear Vinay, According to the UGC rules You Are eligible for net exam if you secures at least 55% in M.A..Re-exam is not a problem.

Anonymous said...

hello sir i m giving net exam 4m 2 years bt me not able to clear it... pls help me out so that i should clear it out this year pls

amit said...


devila rohit said...


Kalp Institute said...

Thanks for sharing such useful. Please Provide some Informations regarding UCG NET Coaching CTET Coaching.

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